EMDG 2018

June 24, 2018
EMDG 2018 News

2017-2018 EMDG applications can be lodged with an Austrade approved EMDG consultant from July 1 2018 through to the 28th February 2019 lodgement deadline. Export Grant Professionals as an Austrade Quality Incentive Program approved consultant are happy to assist with any enquiries regarding eligibility, preparation and lodgement of applications.

Self-lodge or non Austrade Quality Incentive Program approved consultants are only able to lodge EMDG applications through to November 30 2018. Other consultant contact details can be found at www.austrade.gov.au.

Austrade has confirmed that the Hon Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, has determined the initial payment ceiling for the 2017–18 grant year for the Export Market Development Grants scheme will be $40,000. 

This ensures that recipients in the 2017–18 grant year who have an entitlement up to and including $40,000 will be paid in full. Those with entitlements above this amount will receive a second payment at the end of June 2019, the size of which will be determined at that time based on available funding.





About Export Grant Professionals

Export Grant Professionals has since 1999 assisted clients from Melbourne to Cooktown across a wide variety of industries access the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) administered by Austrade.

These industries include :




Manufactured goods


Agricultural producers (including seafood)


Intellectual property & software design


Professional services


Registered Training Organisations and other education providers.


Sebby Zappulla became Principal Consultant in 2001. We are members of the Export Consultants Association Incorporated. Through our attendance of the associations and Austrade training days we are able to ensure our clients are kept informed of changes to legislation and its impact on their business.


Sebby has met the criteria for approval and participation in Austrade's Quality Incentive Program since its' inception. This allows clients the opportunity to lodge EMDG applications until the  28th of February rather than the 30 November deadline for non participating consultants.


We work with you to plan your export marketing activities to ensure you maximise your EMDG claim. The earlier the planning for export marketing begins the greater the opportunities for success.

In 2010 a collaborative relationship began with Mr Chris Buck of the Australian Export & Industrialisation Corporation Pty Ltd in the preparation of Research & Development Tax Concession and the Research & Development Tax Incentive applications on behalf of clients.

The information provided on this website is generic in nature due to the wide diversity of businesses that operate in the export and research sector. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how the Export Market Development Grant or the R & D Tax Incentive could benefit your business.


What is the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)?


Australian exporters selling Australian goods and services to non-residents may be entitled to access export grant funds (EMDG) from Austrade (Australian Trade Commission) which will assist them to market and promote their goods and services overseas. In certain situations goods produced overseas may comply with requirements for eligibility for EMDG.


The EMDG scheme provides a reimbursement of approximately 50% of the eligible marketing expenditure incurred to a maximum of $150,000 per year.


EMDG is a non competitive grant program. This means that if you are eligible and make an application you will receive a grant.


The next round of applications can be lodged between 1st of July 2018 and February 28 2019 for the clients of consultants such as Export Grant Professionals who have been approved by Austrade for extended lodgement. Self lodged applications and those prepared by other consultants not approved for extended lodgement must be lodged by 30 November 2019.


What is the R & D Tax Incentive Incentive?


It is the Australian Government's principal measure to encourage industry investment in research and development. It is a market driven program that aims to deliver economy wide benefits to Australia by boosting company competiveness and improved productivity. It is not industry specific.


The R & D Tax Concession is jointly administered by Ausindustry and the Australian Taxation Office.